Is the detergent HE compatable?

Yes all of our laundry detergent is HE and safe for all washers.

Is the detergent concentrated?

Yes it is concentrated and we recommend you use two and half onces per load.

Do we ship individual orders out of state?

We can only ship out the entire groups fundraiser to one location.

What is the savings over the detergent that is purchased in smaller containers in stores?

By getting our 2.5 gallon units you will be saving your customers or event supporters over 75% cheaper than retail stores.

Can any group do the fundraiser?

Yes any group looking to fundraise can participate as long as there is a fundraising need. You do not have to have a 501c3 however we do not sell to individuals who are just looking to make extra money. We exist to help the non profit groups on a wholesale order basis.

What is the minimum order requirement?

We do not have a minimum order requirement. However you are only elgible for the free shipping/delivery if you meet the goal that will be agreed on by BFC and your group.

Do you accept credit card payments or paypal?

We accept the following forms of payments: Credit Cards/Debit Cards/Cashiers Check/Cash App/ Business Checks

How long do the fundraisers last?

We suggest no longer than 5 to 10 days to run a fundraiser. Most of our fundraisers are delivered withing 5 to 10 days.

How often can you run a fundraiser?

As often as you like

Can we raise the cost of the product?

Yes but however we do not suggest raising the cost of the items because it will affect the value to the consumer and affect the number of sales. Long term it will affect the customer base that you build and impact future sales.

Who can host an Bubble For Cash Fundraiser?

Any group, club, public school, private school, team, organization, non-profit, or individual that needs to raise money.

What are the advantages of selling cleaning products?

It’s practical! It’s easy! Get started immediately. Your supporters are tired of buying wrapping paper, candy, cookie dough, candles, etc. that might be overpriced and perhaps unneeded. Our high quality cleaning products are a good value for your supporters. Not to mention each and every one of them are already spending money on this type of product. You save them money on something they need to buy anyway.

How much money can we earn Fundraising?

There is no limit! Smaller groups have earned over $3000, while larger groups have earned over $25,000.

How does the group get paid?

Payment is collected when the product is sold. Supporter’s checks should be made payable to your group. Once the fundraiser is completed, the group keeps their earnings and sends one check to Bubbles For Cash along with your order.

When will we get the product?

We will ship or deliver within 5 to 10 business days after we receive your group’s paid order.

Who pays for the shipping?

If your group meets the goal that BFC and your group agree on shipping will be free. If not than your group will be charged a shipping or deliver fee,

Who makes the laundry detergent and fabric softener?

All of our products are produced in the USA by highly reputable chemical company that has over 40 years of experience.

What brand products will we be receiving?

Laundry Detergent comparable to Tide/Gain/Amour Hammer- Dish Detergent comparable to Dawn - Body Wash comparable to Dove- Softener comparable to Downey- Multipurpose Cleaner comparable to Pine Sol and Fabuloso.

Do you have questions that are not answered here?

Contact us! And we will be glad to answer it for you.